"‘Faragaman’ Jahan" is an international transportation firm which roots trace back to 1997, with the formation of a platform to increase traders, forwarders and shipper's relationships and various associated services, reaching the heights of quality and traceability of shipment courier services.
Understanding the challenges of Freight Forwarding and Transportation in commercial world, we at ‘Faragaman’ International aim to increase trading confidence, assurance in business relations, credibility, maintenance and providing quality services in order to achieve an excellent worldwide image and performing our level best.
‘Faragaman’ is a provider of technical services covering the whole supply chain all from a single source. By the strength of our vast network all around the globe and our highly competent team backed by outstanding technical transportation knowledge, we make sure that your goods will be delivered to the final destination and to the right consignee on time, no matter where in the world.
Possessing resources, experience, and commitment to quality service, ‘Faragaman’ International is truly your best choice to meet your transportation requirements and expectations now and in the future.
Our transport company is well reputed for its pace, punctuality, accuracy and reliability and we are interested in any kind of collaboration regarding shipping and its related activities.

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