Iraq market opportunities

The best way to export to Iraq
The highest amount of exports was from Khosravi, Mehran, west of Tehran, Bashmaq, Kermanshah and Piranshahr customs. Basra, Iraq is the closest export market to Iran and its distance to Abadan is 20 km, which facilitates exports to Iraq near the border between Basra and Iran.

This has given rise to the issue of food supply in the Iraqi market and is one of the important advantages of Iran’s exports to Iraq.

One of the conditions for exporting goods to Iraq is to have Latin and Arabic labels on the goods. Given that the regulatory, disciplinary and judicial system in Iraq is weak, it is better to receive the transaction money either in cash or in the form of letters of credit.

The most important communication system with Iraqi businessmen is via email, and all correspondence, brochures and catalogs must be in Arabic.

The best goods for export to Iraq
Tiles, white cement, home water coolers, chemicals, tomato paste, household appliances and cleaning, fresh watermelon, sweets, onions, shallots, live animals, various vegetable and animal oils, beverages, mineral products , Chemical products, products and plastics, leather, leather, bags, wood, textiles and building stones are on the list of export goods, which have been exported from Iran to this country.

The main exporters to Iraq are Turkey, China, Iran, the United States and South Korea, respectively. It should be noted that Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Jordan are among Iran’s competitors in trade with Iraq.

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