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Foreign trade doubled in September
Seyed Ruhollah Latifi, customs spokesman, stated: The total non-oil trade of the country in export and import procedures in the sixth month of 1400 in terms of weight was 19 million 841 thousand tons worth 10 billion 635 million dollars, the share of exports in this month (31 days), 14 million and 522 thousand tons worth 4 billion and 145 million dollars, which compared to the country’s exports in September 1999 in terms of weight by 75% and in terms of value by 56%.

He added: the country’s exports in September compared to August this year was accompanied by a growth of 103 percent in weight and 25 percent in value.

Regarding the destinations of Iranian goods in September, Latifi said: Turkey with 5,839,000 tons worth 1,202 million dollars with a growth of 1,512 percent in weight and 553 percent in value compared to last month and a growth of 1,420 percent In weight and 696 percent in value compared to September last year was ranked first. After Turkey, Iraq with 1,863,000 tons of goods worth $ 677 million with a growth of 30% in weight and 19% in value compared to September 1999 and a growth of 72% in weight and 86% in the value of Iranian exports compared to August is in the second place.

He continued: China, which in the past months was in the first rank of Iran’s export destinations in September with 2 million 509 thousand tons worth 668 million dollars, our country’s exports to China in September increased by 11% in weight and It has had a one percent decrease in value compared to September 1400, but compared to August of this year, it has decreased by 3 percent in weight and 56 percent in value. The UAE came in fourth with 807,000 tonnes of goods worth $ 331 million, down 33 percent in weight and 12 percent in value from September 1999, up 115 percent in weight and 16 percent in value from the previous month, and Afghanistan With 351 thousand tons of goods purchased from Iran worth 144 million dollars in September this year compared to September last year has decreased by 50% in weight and 39% in value and compared to the previous month by 3% in weight and 13% in value increase We witnessed.

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