The most important rules and regulations of export and import

General rules
Merchants and Commercial Transactions
Article 1 – A trader is a person who engages in ordinary business activities.

Article 2 – Commercial transactions are as follows:

1- Purchasing or acquiring any kind of movable property with the intention of selling or renting it, whether it has been seized.

2- Holding and transporting by land or water or air in any way.

3. Any type of brokerage operation or commission (commission) or agent, as well as the undertaking of any kind of facilities that are created to do certain things, such as facilitating real estate transactions or finding staff or preparing and delivering supplies, etc.

4 – Establishment and operation of any part of the factory provided that it is not to meet personal needs.

5- Holding auction operations

6- Holding a public exhibition.

7- Any kind of exchange and banking operations

8- Transactions, whether between traders or non-traders.

9- Marine and non-marine insurance operations.

10 – Shipbuilding and the purchase and sale of domestic and foreign ships and sailing and related transactions.

Article 3 – The following transactions are considered commercial due to the merchant being a trader or one of them –

1- All transactions between merchants and businessmen and money changers and banks.

2. All transactions that the trader or non-trader makes for his business needs.

3. All transactions made by the components or crew or apprentice of the trader for the business affairs of his master.

4 – All transactions of commercial companies.

Article 4 – Real estate transactions are not considered commercial in any way.

Article 5 – All transactions are considered commercial business, unless it is proved that the transaction is not related to commercial affairs.

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